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The requirements for entering the Lighthouse exhibiton are the following.
1) A single side by side stereo image,
2) L-R,
3) Height = 768, Width = 2048
4) Maximum size 1.5 MEG
5) Rename in the format Last_First_1_title format (numbers 1 - 4)

(Click here for a PDF of the following instructions which you can print)

You can create and/or resize the entry with whatever technique you are using. Below are instructions for resizing and naming the entries using Stereo Photo Maker

Step 1) Load your image(s) into SPM and align, set window and free crop aesthetically.

Step 2) Use resize tool and set to 1024 x 678, check keep aspect ratio with border, resample

Step 3) Save as a stereo image,
checking to be sure that the size does NOT exceed 1.5 MEG
(1500000 15 plus five zeros )
Save in the Last_First_1_title format (numbers 1 - 4)


Step 4) All four entries should be emails in one email with attachments to

(Each year we will have a different email address, check the entry form for the current year's address)


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